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GEOlino is a German-language magazine for children with the highest circulation in this category. It is an educative magazine published monthly for boys and girls aged between 8-14 years, in cooperation with Unicef. There are no boundaries to the variety of topics in GEOlino; from the atom to the universe, from Indian children in the Amazonian Jungle to adventurous expeditions to the Arctic.

Whether reporting on science and technology, history, culture, sport or politics, GEOlino conveys knowledge always at eye level with its young readers, without being condescending or even worse chumming up to them.

As far as content and look are concerned, the magazine is a clear interpretation of the GEO concept for a younger readership: texts, photography and illustrations fill the same high-quality standards. Supplemented with child-friendly features like brainteasers, experiments, craft ideas and competitions, GEOlino sets the standard for informative magazines for children.

GEOlino Extra

GEOlino’s success encouraged the editorial team to offer its young readers an additional magazine. In contrast to GEOlino’s wide variety in topics, each issue of GEOlino Extra gives a comprehensive insight into one theme only. The subject can arise out of almost any topic area imaginable. Past issues covered such themes as Dinosaurs, the Wild West, Ancient Rome, Energy, Music, and even Love!

With its 100 pages GEOlino Extra is the thickest magazine for children on the market. This extent of pages offers the team an expressive playground, unique space which it can fill with all types of imagery and content possible; from large photographic features to info-boxes, interviews and comics. Consequently the themes covered in each issue are done so in depth without tiring the readers. GEOlino Extra has the same target audience as GEOlino, yet counting even older readers of 15 or 16 years of age to its loyal readership. Since the start of 2011 the magazine appears bi-monthly, either with or without a DVD.


With its excellent photos and illustrations, layouts with great love of detail, understandable and amusing texts, GEOmini is clearly a brother of GEOlino and the youngest in the family: the monthly magazine was first published in 2010. The variety of topics is comparable to that of GEOlino, yet offers extensive activities for curious children aged 4-7 years who are just starting to read.

To accompany the readers through the magazine the editorial team invented Georg. This entertaining grasshopper takes the girls and boys by the hand and guides them through the magazine. Georg is always there when something needs explaining: Where do freckles come from? How do you build an aeroplane? Why don’t penguins freeze? The readers and their parents can find lots of fun things to do and try out in GEOmini: games, puzzles, craft activities and even recipes for peckish astronauts. The concept is a success. No Editor-in-Chief gets as much fan-mail as Georg! GEOmini has definitely found its place amongst the magazines aimed at pre-school and younger school children.

GEOLINO Nr. 11/11 - Stürmisch. So entstehen Tornado und Co.

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