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Hi, my name is Kinanta, I am ???? years old.

Stop laughing! I really have no idea how old I am. Mom told me she remembers that that day it was raining. But honestly, what good does it do you to know your age?

I am working as a Naturalist at beautiful Mara Timbo Camp, an upmarket Safari Camp in Kenyas Masai Mara since its opening July 2008. I explain to guests the flora and fauna in Masai Mara and tell them about our Masai culture. If you come by plane you drop into me immediately, because I welcome guests at the airstrip. And then most of the time we go on Safari immediately into the
Game Reserve. I know the area on Transmara side of Mara River very well, because I was born here.

Don’t worry, to understand me, you don’t have to speak Maa. I speak English very well. My parents sent me to school, when I was, hm, … lets say old enough to stand it. Not that they wanted me to become intelligent and clever as I am now. No, it was meant as a punishment.

Instead of herding goats and sheep’s like I was told by my father, I often played hide and seek with my friends. Meantime some of my dad’s animals disappeared. Uaaagh!! And thereby he got so angry about his “useless” son, that he and my mom decided to send me to a boarding school, where I learnt a lot of usefull and useless things from missionaries. And now I am at Mara Timbo Camp. Maybe we meet there, so that I can show you my Masai Mara.

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