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Hi, everyone! My name is Vitor and I am a journalist in Brazil. I currently live and work in São Paulo, but I have lived in different cities since I was eleven. I really love to travel and to know places where I had never been before. I usually get back with just a few pictures -if any- because I am a little lazy when it comes to taking photos. That is why I loved to take part in the project... because it made me think of different things to photograph and show you.

I left São Paulo and arrived in Paris, where I have made a few shots. Now I am in London and I took the camera to the Royal Wedding this morning. Well, I was not actually invited, but I tried to capture the atmosphere around the Buckingham Palace. On Monday, I am going to Turkey, where I intend to take the camera to the Capadocia and make beautiful images to show you all.

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